TRIK’design is a family business that cares about true values.

As parents, one of our top priorities is our children's well-being and their life quality in the future.

That is why we have turned to the idea of creating products for daily life needs, not only from biological material, but also in an environmentally friendly way - with 3D printing technology.

Factories produce millions of products every day, most of which are unable to find their owners and end up in the ladfills or world's oceans.

That is why we are joining the circle of people who believe that mass production should be kept to a minimum and that more attention should be paid to 21st century technologies.

How you take care of the environment by choosing our products ...

By purchasing 3D printed items, you reduce the demand for mass production factories, which often pollute the atmosphere with large amounts of CO2 emissions.

Unlike mass production, we make a products only when the consumer orders it. This way you protect nature from pollution.

If you buy a product created in Latvia, you "warm" the Latvian economy and support the local population. So people here can have better life.

Let's think contemporary and give future generations the opportunity to live in a clean environment!