Without this service, 3D printing wouldn’t be possible.

In order to print a three-dimensional object first it must be created in a special computer program.

This means that TRIK'DESIGN can implement any of your ideas, as long as it is compatible with 3D printing technology. If you have your own printing equipment, but don’t have knowledge to model, you can order the 3D objects from us, but print at home!

Also, the 3D model is very useful for people with good ideas. In this way they can view their dream object from all three dimensions and make sure the details match. For example, before printing a building model, architects look at it in a three-dimensional model and make sure that everything fits the blueprint.

The price for this service is 10 EUR per hour, if you want to know how much your 3D model could cost, contact us by e-mail [email protected]